Recycling used horse bedding

Recycling used horse bedding provides horse owners an alternative feedstock management option and the opportunity to be a part of creating alternative energy.

Mid-Michigan Recycling, with the help of MSU Extension, has developed a program that provides horse owners an alternative feedstock (combination of manure and bedding material) management option and the opportunity to be a part of creating alternative energy. Mid-Michigan Recycling is the wood waste provider for the Genesee Power Station, a biomass power plant located in Flint, Michigan. This biomass power plant converts wood waste into electricity.  

Several program requirements have been set forth by Mid-Michigan Recycling that participants must meet and maintain to ensure that appropriate material is delivered to the plant for the conversion into energy. For more information in regard to recycling used horse bedding, you may contact Donna Snyder at Mid-Michigan Recycling, 810-225-4453. The following lists a few of the program requirements:

  • Use kiln dried pine shavings as bedding
  • Must be willing and able to stockpile 125 cubic yards of material within 120 days or less
  • Stall waste should contain wood shavings, manure and urine ONLY. No straw.  
  • Provide appropriate storage of material to be recycled. A covered cement bunker is the optimal storage solution. If this is not an option, peak pile used horse bedding in an appropriate, dry ground location that does not allow for runoff to any to surface waters, county drains or result in potential groundwater contamination.
  • Moisture level of material must be 55% or less
  • Cost is FREE if you are located within 45 miles or less of the Genesee Power Station located in Flint, MI. Load charges apply if you are located more than 45 miles from the power station. Mid-Michigan Recycling is responsible for loading and transporting feedstock material from your location to the plant.  

Equine owners can go online for more information on environmental stewardship practices or contact Tom Guthrie at the Jackson County MSU Extension office at 517-788-4292.

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