Smart twist on 2014 Smart Gardening Conference

The Smart Gardening Conference on March 8 hosts nationally-known entomologist Douglas Tallamy to share how “smart plants” invite nature to your backyard.

False indego and butterfly weedLast year, Michigan State University Extension horticulture educators launched a campaign to help gardeners become “smart” about the choices they make in their own backyards. Earth-friendly messages were developed to equip home gardeners with research-based knowledge that equates to actions that are environmentally savvy and “smart.” When choosing plants, using garden chemicals and fertilizers, and applying water, gardeners need to understand the long-term impacts on their surroundings. The entire effort can be summed up by six words: Smart Soils, Smart Lawns and Smart Plants.

A Smart Gardening Conference will be held in Grand Rapids, Mich., at DeVos Place on Saturday, March 8, 2014, that will serve to channel enthusiastic gardeners towards adopting “smart” practices at home. Five presenters, revealing insights on topics such as smart garden design and smart soils, will culminate with a look at how we can get more out of our garden while being conservation-minded.

To bring home the message about smart plants, nationally-known entomologist and author

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