Special Local Need registration continues for Indar for brown rot control

The EPA 24(c) Special Local Need registration, enabling use of Indar 2F up to 12 fluid ounces per acre for American brown rot control, will continue through 2019.

A Special Local Need (SLN) EPA 24(c) registration has been continued for the use of increased rates of Indar 2F for brown rot control through May 12, 2019. The 24(c) registration allows a use rate as high as 12 fluid ounces per acre. A maximum of 48 fluid ounces per acre is allowed per season, i.e., no more than four applications at 12 fluid ounces per acre are allowed.

Do not graze livestock in treated areas or feed cover crops grown in treated areas to livestock. Do not apply Indar 2F through any type of irrigation system.

Note: This special registration only applies to Indar 2F. Download the SLN label.

Dr. Sundin’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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