Still looking for the perfect gift? Try giving the gift of time

Celebrate the people in your life by contributing time or money to a local organization.

Do you struggle with finding the perfect gift for that someone on your list? Are they impossible to buy for because they already have everything? Have you considered giving the gift of time to their favorite organization or a cause near to their heart? This is the gift that might just touch their heart and bring great satisfaction to you as well.

Let your heart glow as you serve another with acts of kindness or volunteer with a local organization as a gift to them. Contributing four hours of time in their honor can be very touching; you might even decide to volunteer alongside them. Helping out at the local animal shelter, food pantry or kitchen can be very rewarding and offers you a chance to reflect on your many blessings while doing meaningful work in your community. You may even discover that you enjoy the work and become a long-term volunteer.

If you are not comfortable or able to volunteer this year, you may choose to contribute to their favorite organization in their name. You may consider an organization they are currently involved with, their alma mater, a community organization or a program like Michigan State University Extension's 4-H Youth Development program that they were involved with in their younger years. The Michigan 4-H Foundation is a great place to make contributions for those friends and family members who have a passion for the 4-H program.

These thoughtful gestures are great ways to make a difference in the lives of others and celebrate the special people in your life.

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