Summertime breakfast

Just because school is out or your family is on vacation doesn’t mean you can skip breakfast.

The importance of eating breakfast does not stop just because school is out. It does not become less important when you go on vacation or have family visiting for more than a day. Keeping a routine for meals, especially breakfast can help to decrease the chances of weight gain and assist with making sure that vital nutrients are consumed. Breakfast does not have to be complex or complicated but making it healthy is important.

Research shows that people eating fewer, larger meals tend to carry more body fat than those that eat smaller, more frequent meals. Kids need more frequent meals for their growing brains and bodies. Michigan State University Extension says that eating breakfast each day helps kids perform at their best.

Breakfast means to “break the fast,” to interrupt the period of time when your body is not being fed food for nutrition. Breakfast does not have to be a production, it can take less than five minutes to make. A regular routine of eating breakfast can cause a person to have a better mood, increased energy and a better memory. Healthier food choices are generally made during the day by people that eat breakfast regularly. One drawback to skipping breakfast is that people tend to overeat during the day and especially at night, making them less hungry the next morning.

Breakfast does not have to include typical “breakfast foods” like cereal, pancakes, eggs and toast. Leftovers like spaghetti, meatloaf and pizza can make a great breakfast, offering many important nutrients for starting the day. When planning a breakfast meal, keep in mind MyPlate. MyPlate focuses on eating foods from the fruit and vegetables group, grains and proteins as well as the dairy group. Getting at least three of the food groups in your breakfast is important towards ensuring that necessary nutrients are eaten throughout the day.

Below is a simple but nutrient packed breakfast recipe to introduce into your summer routine.

Overnight Porridge – Super Healthy Kids

2 cups, oats (rolled or quick oats both work)

2 cups, milk (vanilla soy milk, almond milk or other liquid)

1/4 cup, plain or vanilla yogurt

2 cups, red berries

1 cup, blueberries

Soak oats in liquid uncooked for 12 hours. In a small glass or Mason jar, layer oats mixture and red berries and finish by putting yogurt on the top with blueberries. Makes four servings.

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