SureGuard herbicide issued Section 24(c) label for Michigan nurseries

The State of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture has issued a 24(c) label for herbicide SureGuard for dormant application to field-grown ornamental nursery stock. Some application limitations need to be followed.

Michigan field grown nursery stock growers will be able to use the herbicide SureGuard from Valent Corporation to control weeds in 12 crops that have shown tolerance to an over-the-top application of 8 oz. (0.25 per broadcast acre. The label is good until August 12, 2016.

The plants must be dormant prior to application and the field established at least one growing season prior to application. This 24(c) label indicates that one should not treat plants with SureGuard if they are under stress from insects, diseases or any other stresses. Also, do not mix it with any other herbicide or apply it through any type of irrigation system, and do not mechanically incorporate it into the soil after application. Plants other than those listed on the label may be tolerant of an application, but one should treat only a limited area prior to a larger area to be sure there is no phytotoxicity.

You must have a copy of the SureGuard 24(c) label in your possession.

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