Tagging Recommendations

Many CANR websites are now based on tagging. Here are some tips on how to tag your content effectively.

How can I tell if a website is using tagging?

Most tag-based websites feature a bar with icons near the top of the homepage:



How can I add content to a tag-based website?


The most direct way to tell what tag to use for a particular website is to click any icon on the Search Bar and see what tag appears in the “Filter by Tags” field on the left-hand side of the search results page. 


How can I tell what other tags I should use?

There may be unit tags you’ll want to include such as “4-h”, “msu extension”, “food & health”, or “agriculture”. You can also add any obvious topics such as the name of a particular species or commodity. It’s best to keep a short list of the tags you use most often, and refer to it when adding content.

There is also a Tag Suggester inside dotCMS that tries to suggest other relevant tags when you enter content:


If this feature does not show a tag you were expecting, contact webadmin@anr.msu.edu so we can improve it!


Do I still need to "relate" content to Datasets and Organizations?

No, creating "relationships" is no longer necessary on tag-based websites.

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