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Bovine tuberculosis impacts every dairy and beef producer in Michigan by limiting market access, so dairy and beef producers have a vested interest in the battle with this disease in Michigan.

What is happening with bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in Michigan? Is it still a problem? What is being done about it? Maybe you have asked questions like this. Whether you are in an area of Michigan designated as TB-Free (currently only the Upper Peninsula), or an area that is called a Modified Accredited Advanced Zone (the majority of the Lower Peninsula), you may have wondered about the current status of bTB in Michigan.

There is a way that you can keep up on Michigan’s battle with bTB and to understand it in the context of the battle against this same disease in other states and countries. Each month, an electronic newsletter, Bovine TB News, is published by Phil Durst, MSU Extension Educator, and Dr. Dan Grooms, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. It is available free of charge.

In the April 2011 issue of Bovine TB News you can read about:

  • The diagnosis of bTB in the 52nd cattle herd in Michigan
  • Public meetings scheduled by USDA to present the new TB program regulations
  • Minnesota’s bid to be reclassified as TB-Free
  • Fraud in the TB program in the UK
  • A plan to allow shooting of badgers in England, and
  • Progress in eliminating bTB in New Zealand

You may gain ideas or perspectives from other areas that will be helpful. If you would like to begin receiving Bovine TB News, contact Phil Durst by e-mail or 989-826-1160. In addition, Bovine TB News is posted on the MSU Beef Team website.

Unfortunately, the battle with bTB in Michigan will be an extended effort, with an impact on every Michigan dairy and beef producer until the whole state is TB-Free. Stay informed about this issue by subscribing to Bovine TB News.

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