Team Spotlight - Hope Bennethum

Meet Hope Bennethum, our Communications and Outreach Student Assistant for Mass Timber at MSU. Learn more about the team member behind our social media platforms, and segments like this team spotlight.

Tell us about the work you do related to mass timber:

"My role at Mass Timber at MSU focuses on engaging and educating our audience on everything mass timber, via platforms such as our website, social media, and through communications. I’m thrilled to learn from Mass Timber at MSU Director, Sandra Lupien, and assist her in promoting this groundbreaking, sustainable wood product in Michigan. As a graphic design major and business minor at MSU, I have the privilege to continue my practice in graphic design, while also getting experience with outreach, communication, content curation, and more."

What impact do you hope your work will have?

"I hope that my advocacy for mass timber will inspire more folks in Michigan to utilize mass timber products in their future projects. By building with mass timber, we can increase sustainability and reduce the carbon footprints of our environments, which is critical in this climate crisis."

How does your Mass Timber work fit into your broader research or teaching?

"My work for Mass Timber at MSU allows me to practice and improve all of the skills I’ve learned in the classroom, in a more professional manner, to prepare me for a career after my time at MSU. My work also allows me to advocate for and focus on sustainability, which I will continue to involve in all of my future roles." 

What do you love most about your work?

"I love that my work is making a difference in real-world issues, like our climate crisis. I’m also beyond grateful to work with such supportive, inspiring, and knowledgable people that make my job feel fun and rewarding."


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