Ten reasons to enroll in the Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology (MSU IAT

Registration for the upcoming fall semester of the Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology off-campus Viticulture Program ends as early as Aug. 16.

Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology (MSU IAT) conducts off-campus viticulture and applied plants sciences courses at two west Michigan locations. The Viticulture certificate program focuses on grape production for the growing wine and juice industry.

Why should someone consider enrolling in the MSU IAT Viticulture certificate program?

  1. Courses are taught by current Michigan State University approved faculty and industry leaders who are interesting, engaging and relevant to careers in viticulture.
  2. Students in the two-year programs take courses through MSU IAT at either Northwestern Michigan College or Lake Michigan College, and through on-line Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) classes.
  3. Financial aid is handled at the local community college level.
  4. Class sizes are small.
  5. Hands-on learning is part of most courses through lab experiences, field trips, and working with field mentors, such as Michigan State University Extension educators.
  6. Students learn about wine grape varieties suitable for the production of fine wines in Michigan.
  7. Learn how grapes grow, how to prune, maintain and harvest them.
  8. An integral component is the management of pests affecting grapes and wine quality in Michigan.
  9. In just two years, students can earn both an MSU IAT certificate and an associate’s degree from the community college.
  10. Step into employment in an industry with a high demand for interns and graduates with grape and wine knowledge and skills.

Registration deadlines vary, with some as early as Aug. 16. Check with the local coordinator well in advance.

Off-campus MSU IAT coordinators:

Joanne Davidhizar and Stacey Rocklin davidhiz@anr.msu.edu

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