Volunteer recognition made simple

Recognize the volunteers in your program with this appreciation note and goody bag.

As I was reflecting on the contributions of volunteers in our great state and looking for a fun way to recognize them, I came up with a fun little ditty to put in volunteer goody bags. Consider celebrating your favorite group of volunteers with this saying or create one of your own.


When you are on a ROLL, you shine like a STAR!

Just like a PEBBLE, you create positive ripples in the pool of life and for some you are simply a LIFESAVER. You have shown our young people that when mistakes happen, you are able to ERASE them and move on. You hold things together like the PAPERCLIP and provide SAFETY for our members by keeping everyone together.

We hope you will continue to encourage our members to try new opportunities and stretch their minds like the RUBBERBAND stretches. As you continue your journey as a volunteer and continue to guide our members and fellow leaders to make SMART choices, stay positive and don’t be too PICKY. 4-H is a BARREL of fun!

To assemble these goody bags, simply gather Smarties candy, Tootsie Rolls, star stickers, pebbles, Lifesavers, erasers, paperclips, safety pins, rubber bands, toothpicks, and root beer barrels into a Ziploc bag with the saying. This offers volunteers a quick way to reflect on what they have contributed to the program.

Volunteer recognition is a critical part of volunteer management, and this is just one way to recognize those volunteers that make your program fabulous!

Michigan State University Extension seeks to engage parents and volunteers and members in a variety of roles throughout the year. Parents and volunteers are valued resources who gain skills, deepen relationships with their own children, support youth in their communities and have fun in the process. If you would like to find out more about being a part of those exciting programs, contact your local MSU Extension office. 4-H grows true leaders! 

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