Warm winter drinks

Use a slow cooker to make drinks from scratch that will warm your heart.

The cold, blustery weather has arrived. Time to dig out your winter weather apparel, snow shovels and the cold weather toys! Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing and ice skating allow friends and family to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with each other. As a kid, my family always enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa after braving the cold weather for long periods of time. We would warm some milk on the stovetop and pour it into a cup with a powdered cocoa mix. Adding marshmallows was a treat, and maybe even sprinkles to top it off. The tradition of hot cocoa still stands for many families today. It can be a wonderful opportunity to seize the moment for some valuable family interaction without technology.

Have you ever made hot cocoa from scratch? How about a pumpkin spice latte? Making favorite drinks from scratch allows you to have flexibility in the amounts of sugar and types of milk that are used, and you also know what ingredients are in your drink. If you need to alternate the type of milk, you can use coconut, almond and even soy milk. Sweetened milk can also be used, which allows you to use less sugar in the recipe. Make sure that the hot drink is cool enough for your children to enjoy and not burn their mouths.

Below, you will find two recipes that can be made in a slow cooker. Enjoy the company of friends and family through these warm, delicious drinks made from scratch. 

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