West central Michigan field crop regional report – June 20, 2013

Soybean planting is finished in the west central region, while alfalfa harvest continues.


High temperatures ranged from the mid-70s to low 80s at Entrican, Mich., and lows from 42.1 to 61.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Minimum soil temperatures in the low to mid-60s F. Passing thundershowers produced between 0.33 to 1 inch of rain in parts of the west central region on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (June 16-18).


Corn growth stages range from V2 to V8. According to Michigan State University Extension, much of the crop is now growing rapidly with nutrient issues still a concern in many fields.

Wheat flowering is now complete in most fields. Leaf diseases such as powdery mildew are still at low levels. A few cereal rust pustules are present in some fields. No reports or observations of armyworms have been made.

Soybean planting is finished. Stands are generally good. Development has been slow with advanced fields having two to three trifoliates. Very few aphids have been observed so far.

Alfalfa harvest continues with many producers cutting first cutting for dry hay this week. Potato leafhopper adults are present in many fields. Regrowth of second cutting alfalfa is growing rapidly where haylage was harvested one to two weeks ago.

Dry bean planting is progressing rapidly with many of the first planted fields from late last week emerging.

In potatoes, nearly every producer is now finished planting and replanting. Hilling and cultivation is in progress. Colorado potato beetle adults are active and egg masses and larvae are easily observed on untreated potatoes.

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