What motivates you? Achievement

Learn the motivational styles of volunteers, such as achievement-orientated volunteers whom are driven by excellence.

Motivation for doing things is different for everyone, but we find there are three major types of motivation for volunteers: affiliation, achievement and influence. Each of these has its unique set of characteristics and leaves those individuals pondering a set a questions in their spare time. When volunteer administrators and fellow volunteers understand these basics, it can help them attract the right volunteers to key positions and limit frustration for those who simply have different approaches.

It is important to remember volunteers come to our organizations for a variety of reasons and no one person should be pigeon-holed into a slot based on their motivational style. Instead, you should utilize this information to help make the experience ideal for both the volunteer and organization. Most volunteers are a unique blend of these styles and for that we are grateful. In this series of articles, we will look at the motivational styles.

Let’s take a look at the volunteer that is motivated by achievement. This individual is motivated by meeting goals, exceeding the standards and strives for excellence. They tend to take personal responsibility for finding solutions and solving what they perceive as problems. They desire feedback from others so they can continue to improve and achieve their goals. You can expect they will do their best and take your organization to new heights.

When the achievement-motivated individual has time to ponder, they can be found thinking about how to make things better. They may be dreaming of accomplishing important things and setting the goals to obtain that dream.

Some achievement-orientated individuals say their minds never stop, they are always thinking of ways to improve things or planning the next great idea. If you are an achievement-orientated type of volunteer, you may find a place with your favorite community organization like Michigan State University Extension. Volunteers who are motivated and driven by achievement are successful in many organizations, and you may find your place when you contact your local MSU Extension office.

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