Worksite wellness for the win!

Try implementing healthier habits in the work place then try those habits at home.

Staying healthy when working full time, raising a family, taking care of loved ones, furthering your education and other obligations can be challenging! A good way to improve your health while making it feel easier is to get your colleagues on board to participate in worksite wellness. Setting goals and making decisions on ways to increase your physical activity or fruit and vegetable consumption is easier to do as a group than on your own. You can also share your knowledge and skills learned with your family and friends outside of work.

Worksite wellness activities do not have to be drastic. Starting out with a few simple changes such as adding informative posters to around your workplace and healthier food options in your vending machines will send you in the right direction. As you accomplish your goals, keep adding new ones. There is no change too small; every change is another step on your journey of healthy living.

What are some steps I can take at my workplace and goals I could set?

  • Work with Michigan State University Extension to create a worksite wellness committee and assess your worksite!
  • Assess employees interests and needs
  • Healthier drink options in the vending machines
  • Healthier food options in the vending machines
  • Informative posters around the building
  • Creating support groups
  • Adding events that the employees can participate in such as 5k’s, dances, walks

Tips to get you started:

  • Talk to the other employees and spread the excitement
  • Create a board of employees to run worksite wellness
  • Keep the positivity flowing

Healthier Worksite Environments is an initiative from MSU Extension which allows worksites to connect with an MSU Extension educator to improve their work health environment. MSU Extension educators will focus on improving the health of employees through nutrition and physical activity interventions. This program encourages employee health advocates to implement policies to improve the overall work health environment. For more information please explore our Healthy Work Environments Toolkit.

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