Water Use

Water has been called Michigan’s economic enabler. Because of its wealth of water, Michigan is home to a fledgling “blue-economy” initiative that strives to attract businesses heavily dependent on water for products or processes, businesses that focus on water use and water quality related technology, and other water-dependent enterprises. Additionally, Michigan may draw population and land- and water-based industries as climate changes continue.

Yet, economic development discussions are tempered by recognition that sustainability of Michigan’s water must be a key consideration of development activities. Most sustainability discussions focus on protecting water quality and avoiding excessive withdrawals and/or diversions of water in order to protect ecological integrity of water-based natural systems. As important as protecting water is to ecological health in Michigan, reliable, long-term water quality and quantity are also fundamental requirements for the growth of a blue economy in Michigan.

Implementation of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact in Michigan is a critical element in protecting economic opportunity and ecological integrity afforded by the State’s water resources. Research and outreach programs are addressing various components of Compact implementation.

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