Leadership Council

The MSU Extension Leadership Council of Oakland County is affiliated with Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Oakland County, a branch of MSU Extension District 11 devoted to serving Oakland County.  MSU Extension is part of the national Cooperative Extension network that is housed at land-grant universities across the country.


Current MSU Extension Leadership Council of Oakland County members:

Cary Junior

Angela Powell

Oakland County Staff

Ian Sawyer (District 11, Support)

Kristi Evans (District Director)

What does the Leadership Council do? 

The Council works in partnership with MSU Extension Oakland County staff to:

  • Identify and prioritize programming needs in Oakland County
  • Advocate needs and priorities to local and state policymakers
  • Help identify and acquire resources needed to fulfill programming needs
  • Ensure that the Oakland County public is aware of MSU Extension Oakland County’s programming and that it is available to all Oakland County residents

Meeting Dates

The Council meets five or six times per year. 


No events scheduled at this time

Interested in Joining?

Membership is reserved for people who live in and/or have an interest in Oakland County and who are willing to work toward the goals of the Council. Membership is for one 3-year term, with the potential for additional terms. Terms are staggered so that the terms of one-third of the Council expire annually. Terms begin January 1 and end December 31. If you are interested in completing an application please contact Cathy Morris at morri735@msu.edu