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Becoming an Extension Master Gardener.. 

Welcome! We are excited you are here! The excellent training is the same but the process has changed. Effective in 2024, the training is called, "Foundations of Gardening." It's completely online and now offers a certificate for those who successfully complete the training. This is the basis for the Extension Master Gardener program.

Here's how it works:

  1. Register for and complete the "Foundations of Gardening" training
  2. Register for the Southwest Michigan onboarding in-person, one-day class
  3. Register to become an MSU Extension volunteer in Volunteer Central

The "Foundations of Gardening" training isn't county-based as it is taught online, but those who take the course will be referred to your county-specific Extension staff who will guide you through the steps to become an Extension Master Gardener trainee.

You are a trainee after taking the course, attending the onboarding, and completing the Volunteer Central (Volunteer Selection Process). After you additionally complete 40 volunteer hours in various educational projects to select from, then you have reached Extension Master Gardener status.

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The Oakland County Office coordinates the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program for Oakland County only.

Caitlin Splawski

Caitlin Splawski

Consumer Horticulture Educator