Creating County Annual Reports

Here you will find a selection of stories for use in County Annual Reports.

Impact Data

Other items you might find useful in creating your County Annual Reports include the Impacts and Programming in Michigan page where you'll find:

  • Children and Youth Programming Profiles and Impact Reports
  • Health and Nutrition Programming Profiles and Impact Reports
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness Programming Profiles and Impact Reports

Additional impact reports will be added as they are finalized.


Here are some other resources you can use to gather good stories:

Legislative Report Content

You can also use or modify relevant stories found in the MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension Legislative Report. The stories in the 2017-18 Legislative Report have been uploaded individually online. 


You can access photos for your County Annual Reports ​from ANR Communications and Marketing Flickr page​.


All training materials, Legislative Report stories for the past three years and the official County Annual Report Template are located on MSU Extenison's password protected Sharepoint site.