The MSU Extension Organizational Development (OD) team enhances the well-being and performance of MSU Extension while enriching the lives of our employees. Please use the menu on the upper right to navigate the OD website. 

For current guidance on office re-entry, travel guidelines and in-person programming, please visit:

 MSU Extension's Coronavirus Q & A page 

There you will find information such as Office Re-Entry and Travel Guidelines and the One-time Programmatic Travel Waiverthe In-Person Event Waiver, as well as the guidelines and flow chart for Requesting Travel Approval for Programs and Research. Please visit the Coronavirus Q&A page for the most complete and up-to-date information.
Below are professional development events and resources for MSU Extension employees. We also have many virtual help rooms where you can drop in to get questions answered.

Virtual Help Rooms

Professional Development Opportunities


On-Demand Learning