Director's Office

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Shared Values

In October of 2018, MSU Extension adopted shared values that help define our social contract with each other and our partners.

We will show up. Whether in person or digitally, MSU Extension professionals will remain engaged by being a part of community conversations, directing appropriate programming and research for community needs and never forgetting who we serve.

We will help people thrive. We will create and maintain positive environments that allow everyone to do their best and be their best. We will work with our communities to highlight their assets while fostering partnerships to discover new possibilities together.  

We will be authentic. We know that we can’t be all things to all people. But we will live our truth, do what we do best, and connect audiences to colleagues and partners when we can’t personally meet their needs. We will do this all while staying rooted in evidence-based science.

We will welcome everyone. We will foster inclusivity across our organization, in our programming, through our community partnerships and in our hearts. We will nurture an environment that respects and values human differences as we continuously work to expand our reach to diverse audiences.

We will manage resources responsibly. We will be good fiscal stewards of the funds that are supplied to us from federal, state, local and university resources, as well as those that are garnered through community partnerships and philanthropy.

We will take risks. We are lifelong learners who look for innovative and new ideas that will help us better serve Michigan residents.


Shared Values Award Nominations

Each month the Director's Office recognizes staff on our All-Staff Webinar who exemplify these Shared Values. To nominate an MSU Extension staff member for this award, please fill out this survey.