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MSU Extension Farm Management Program in west Michigan applies research based educational programming to assist agriculturally related industries, businesses, families and individuals in improving their lives and achieving their goals. Farm business arrangements and estate planning are examples of education programs provided by Extension agents.

Agricultural Weather
Selections in the homepage are provided by MSU Agricultural Weather Office and the National Weather Service.

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MSU Extension Farm Management Team

MSU Field Crops team

Integrated Pest Management
Integrated pest management (IPM) is a sustainable approach for managing insects, weeds and plant diseases that combines the use of biological control, cultural, physical, and chemical tactics in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks.

Oil and Gas Leasing Info

There is renewed interest by oil and gas companies to lease lands for oil and gas production in Michigan. As a property owner, what do you need to know before you sign your lease? Michigan State University Extension has information that will help you make informed decisions before you sign your lease.

Oil and Gas Program Page

Oil and gas leasing resources for private landowners

Right of way easements information for landowners

Sample of the oil and gas lease used for state-owned land

Oil and gas resources for landowners

Check list for oil & gas mineral leases by Michigan Farm Bureau

For further information about oil and gas leasing, contact Curtis Talley, MSU Extension Farm Management Educator

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Centennial Farms

For those that have questions arise concerning centennial farms, there is an excellent website to highlight the heritage of Michigan farms.  The website features how to certify a farm, what farms have been previously certified, what future events are upcoming, along with some supporting links and organizations.