Bioenergy & Agricultural Energy Conservation

MSU Extension provides nonbiased, research-based expertise in the areas of bioenergy, bioproducts and energy conservation to the Michigan agricultural industry enabling them to be sustainable now and in the future.   If you have bioenergy, bioproduct and energy conservation questions, please contact: 

M. Charles Gould
Extension Educator-Agricultural Bioenergy and Energy Conservation
Office – (616) 994-4547
Fax – (616) 994-4579

Website Resources

MSU Extension Bioeconomy Team Website

MSU Extension’s bioenergy and bioproducts team assesses the needs of Michigan stakeholders in the broad bioeconomy industry by addressing issues through research and efforts to help the citizens of Michigan reach sustainable bioenergy and bioproduct goals.

Anaerobic Digestion

Bioenergy Training Center

Provides educational and training resources for Extension and other community-based educators. Resources include curriculum, links to instructor-led trainings (webinars, videos), information about face-to face training programs, and assessment tools.

Regional Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study

The details of the West Michigan regional anaerobic digester feasibility study.

Two Anaerobic Digester Case Studies

Case studies on two sizes of anaerobic digester.

Product Market Factor Analysis

Product market factor descriptions and analysis.

Ottawa-Allegan Manure Feedstocks

Volumes of swine manure within a 10 and 20 mile radius of Autumn Hills Landfill.

Livestock Manure Processing

The Feasibility Study for a West Michigan Regional Liquid Livestock Manure Processing Center. 

Feasibility Study Final Report

Regional Digesters Offer Seasonal Solutions