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Alexandra Benitez

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Master's student
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife


Alexandra  earned her master’s degree in fisheries and wildlife under the advisement of Abigail Bennett in the fall of 2022 and is pursuing a PhD in Communications Arts and Sciences at MSU.

She received her bachelor’s degree Interdisciplinary program of Environmental Science in University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. And is currently pursuing her   Her current research is related to the human and environmental effects of Harmful Algal Blooms in Laurentian Great Lakes.

Prior to starting at MSU, Alexandra initiated a project on pesticide use practices and its associated health impacts on agricultural workers from Puerto Rico as part of her final undergrad capstone project, in which requires assessing surveys to local agricultural workers and extracting quantitative data, and had the opportunity to become a high school teacher offering several electives and courses. As part of her undergraduate research experiences she worked for four years studying the prospective assessment of intrauterine ZIKA exposure in multiple hospitals in Puerto Rico, and also became part of a study in DNA Sequence Development using Python Programing. She believes researchers are the hidden superheroes, without the capes, wanting to restore, figure out the puzzle of humanity and its environment