Ayse Ozcan, PhD in Political Science and Public Administration

Ayse Ozcan

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Adjunct Faculty, Urban & Regional Planning
School of Planning, Design and Construction

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Ayse Ozcan, PhD, is a professor of Political Science and Public Administration in Turkey, and adjunct faculty member at MSU. She graduated from the University of Inonu (Turkey) (MscPI, PhD) specializing in environmental policies, housing policy applications and resulting environmental impacts on urban form. Ozcan has studied on evaluating the application of legal principles to urban and environmental policies in Turkey. Her research and teaching interests address environmental planning, urban policies, natural resources economics, green economy, sustainable development, renewable energy and sustainability, climate change, public policy and nonprofit organizations. Ozcan’s current research interests include ecological rights, renewable energy rights, in terms of local development and urban policies on solar and wind (access) rights and international applications. Her research focuses on the renewable energy practices in the US in the context of renewable energy cooperatives.

Ozcan has also worked in government and in private consulting as an urban policy researcher and analyst in Turkey.