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Brooke earned her PhD in Horticulture from Michigan State University in 2020 with a focus on compost production and use, including incorporating biochar into compost systems.  She worked internationally before attending MSU through the Peace Corps and the nonprofit The GROW Initiative doing small scale development projects in communities focused on environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and education.  Brooke has a passion for teaching all topics under the umbrella of environmental science, but particularly regenerative agriculture.  She farmed for three years at an incubator farm growing mixed vegetables and is an avid gardener.  She enjoys spending time in nature camping/cycling/kayaking with her family, especially her two young girls.  Brooke's passion for biochar and its potential to aid in sequestration of carbon while also increasing nutrient and water holding capacities of soils to the benefit of agricultural productivity brought her to the position as GLBN Program Coordinator.

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