Dong Zhao, LEED®AP

Dong Zhao

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Director, Planning, Design and Construction Doctorate Program


Bachelors: Bachelor in engineering in construction engineering from Chongqing University.
Masters: Masters of science in engineering management from Chongqing University and Masters of science in building science from Virginia Tech.
PhD: PhD in building construction from Virginia Tech.

Contact Information

Director, Planning, Design and Construction Doctorate Program

School of Planning, Design and Construction
PhD Program Director; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Telephone: 517-432-3242

Human Ecology Building
552 W. Circle Drive, Room 201K
East Lansing, MI 48824

Area of Expertise:

Research Interests: Computing in construction, including human-tech systems, occupant behavior, energy modeling, and networks & resilience; workplace hazard recognition, human errors & learning, and accident analysis & prevention; and human-cyber interface, VDC/BIM, virtual environment, and machine learning in smart cities.