Eric Patterson, Ph.D.

Eric Patterson

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Assistant Professor, Weed Geneticist
Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences



B.S. Colorado State University, Evolutionary Biology
M.S. Colorado State University, Botany
Ph.D. Colorado State University, Bioagricultural Sciences, Weed Science

Overview of current program:

Dr. Patterson's research program utilizes the most current techniques in genomics to understand the structure and plasticity of weedy genomes and how that plasticity influences the success of weedy species.  We are especially interested in how genome rearrangements (i.e. transposable elements and copy number variation) form and are utilized as novel sources of genetic variation for weed adaptation to abiotic stresses. We also work on herbicides and how they affect plant physiology and how resistance evolves on rapid timescales in weedy species. Finally, Dr. Patterson provides technical support for the efforts of the International Weed Genomes Consortium (IWGC).

Courses taught:

  • CSS326 - Weed Science, Every Fall
  • CSS893 - Special Topic: Molecular Resistance Evolution

Professional Affiliations and Awards:

  • International Weed Genomes Consortium
  • Weed Science Society of America
  • North Central Weed Science Society



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