Herbert P. Norman, Jr.

Herbert P. Norman

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Senior Specialist, Teaching - Emeritus, Urban & Regional Planning
School of Planning, Design and Construction


Masters: Master of arts in geography from East Carolina University.
PhD: PhD in urban and regional planning from Michigan State University.

Affiliated Programs/Initiatives/Projects: SPDC Diversity & Inclusion.

Herb Norman retired in 2019 and was a member of the Urban & Regional Planning faculty since 1991. He was also the chair of the SPDC Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Norman received his MA degree in Geography from East Carolina University, and his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from MSU. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Norman taught Introduction to Urban Planning, a freshman course on the City, Planning Theory, Central Cities and Community Development; and an ISS course in Social Differentiation and Inequality. At the graduate level, he periodically taught Central Cities and Community Development, practicum for MIPS students, planning theory, and serves on Plan B and thesis committees for students interested in planning applications in the U.S., South Korea and China. Dr. Norman also secured significant funding for graduate student financial support with the HUD Community Development Work Study Program. His research and professional practice interests include planning process theory, land use and international applications.