James B O'Sullivan, Ph.D

James O'Sullivan

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Postdoctoral researcher
Kravchenko Lab


Doctor of Philosophy
La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia


Research Interests

James is a postdoctoral researcher in the Kravchenko lab at Michigan State University. Using enzyme zymography, X-ray computed tomography and elemental mapping, James will unravel the mechanism of improved soil C storage under cover cropping. James recently completed his PhD where he examined how phosphorus acquisition and symbiotic N2 fixation is impacted by rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations. James has a passion for all things soil science, plant physiology and agricultural production. If there's an open soil pit, James will probably be in it.


O’Sullivan JB, Vongsouthi K, Jin J, Tang C (2022) Soil phosphorus sorption capacity dictates the effect of elevated CO2 on soil and plant critical phosphorus levels for wheat growth. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences Link

O’Sullivan JB, Jin J, Tang C (2022) White lupin (Lupinus albus L.) exposed to elevated atmospheric CO2 requires additional phosphorus for N2 fixation. Plant and Soil Link

O’Sullivan JB, Plozza T, Stefanelli D, Jin J, Tang C (2021) Elevated COand phosphorus deficiency interactively enhance root exudation in Lupinus albus L. Plant and Soil Link

O’Sullivan JB, Jin J, Tang C (2020) Elevated CO2 promotes the acquisition of phosphorus in crop species differing in physiological phosphorus-acquiring mechanisms. Plant and Soil Link

Xu Q, O’Sullivan JB, Wang X, Tang C (2019) Elevated CO2 alters the rhizosphere effect on crop residue decomposition. Plant and Soil Link