Jeremy Hartsock, Ph.D.

Jeremy Hartsock

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Research Assistant I - Hayes Lab
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife



I am a wetland plant community ecologist who specializes in boreal peatlands, Great Lakes coastal wetlands, and inland lake aquatic macrophytes. My research is directed at understanding better the effects of invasive species establishment, human influence, and management on these systems. I enjoy spending time outdoors behind a grill, a camera view finder, or the wagging tail of my dog.


My main project is focused on determining the status of aquatic macrophyte communities in inland lakes throughout the state of Michigan. My work seeks to inform decision-makers on wetland conservation and management priorities to preserve the aquatic habitat quality of Michigan’s lakes.


P.h.D. - Plant Biology (2020), Southern Illinois University

M.S. – Biology (2013), Villanova University

B.S. – Plant Biology (2010), Southern Illinois University