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Jinho Lee

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PhD Student


Master of Science in Applied Life Science, Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea (2018)
Bachelor of Science in Applied Life Chemistry, Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea (2016)

Research Interests

My fundamental research interest is soil carbon, one of the most influential elements in the ecosystem. It has an active pool and cycle, considerably influencing soil health and fertility and global warming mitigation. Most of my research questions come from soil carbon accumulation mechanisms and carbon-based interactions highly influenced by plant diversity and the physical micro-environment and microorganisms of the soil. 

The current research topics focus on bioenergy crops, which help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and play a role in sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide into the soil. I estimate the effect of soil pore structure and distribution of particulate organic matter on soil carbon accrual, comparing monoculture with a diverse plant community. I am also investigating which belowground condition has more potential in carbon transfer between bioenergy crops and how the enhanced transfer affects soil carbon accrual.    

To estimate the soil pore structure and distribution of the organic matter, our research team uses the micro-tomography (µCT) technique to look into the intact soil condition. Specifically-designed pots and isotope labeling help us trace the carbon transfer and evaluate soil carbon accrual capability.  



H.J. Song, J.H. Lee, R.C. Canatoy, J.G. Lee, P.J. Kim, 2020. Strong mitigation of greenhouse gas emission impact via aerobic short pre-digestion of green manure amended soils during rice cropping. Science of The Total Environment, 143193.

J.H. Lee, S.T. Jeong, H.S. Gwon, G.W. Kim, J.G. Lee, P.J. Kim, 2020. Straw recycling in rice paddy: Trade-off between greenhouse emission and soil carbon stock increases. Soil and Tillage Research 199, 104598.

H.J. Song, J.H. Lee, H.C. Jeong, E.J. Choi, T.K. Oh, C.O. Hong, P.J. Kim, 2019. Effect of straw incorporation on methane emission in rice paddy: conversion factor and smart straw management. Applied Biological Chemistry 62-1, 70.

J.H. Lee, M.H. Park, H.J. Song, P.J. Kim, 2019. Unexpected high mitigation of methane emission via short-term aerobic pre-digestion of green manured soils before flooding in rice paddy. Science of the Total Environment 711, 134641.


Research Experiences

Research Assistant, A New perspective for carbon sequestration: interactions between plant diversity, physical micro-environment and microorganisms, Funded by United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy (2019-current)

Researcher, Institute of Agricultural and Life Science, Jinju, Republic of Korea (2018-2019)

Research Assistant, Development of methane conversion factors and nitrous oxide emission factors for new guideline of IPCC, Funded by Rural Development Administration (2016-2019)

Research Assistant, Development of soil management strategy to reduce methane emission originated from cover crop biomass amendment for increasing soil carbon stock in rice paddy, Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (2017-2019)

Undergraduate Researcher, Soil Science Laboratory, Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea (2014-2015)