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Jisun Lee

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Assistant Professor, Interior Design
School of Planning, Design and Construction



Bachelor of Science in Housing and Interior Design from Yonsei University
Master of Science in Design Management from Yonsei University
PhD in Interior Architecture and Built Environment from Yonsei University

Jisun Lee, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Interior Design at the School of Planning, Design and Construction at Michigan State University. After earning her Ph.D. in Interior Architecture and Built Environment from Yonsei University, South Korea, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Human-Centered Design (formerly Design and Environmental Analysis) at Cornell University. Dr. Lee has 15 years of practice experience as an interior designer and project manager in South Korea, working on numerous national and international projects.

Dr. Lee's research aims to enhance the healing properties of built environments. Her studies focus on the impact of environmental factors on human health and well-being in various contexts, including healthcare facilities and hospitality environments. Her work involves design evaluations using emerging technologies, such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, as well as biosensors. Recently, she has been exploring the influence of nature in indoor environments on users' emotional and cognitive responses and behaviors. She also has been examining the effects of emerging technologies in design education.



Selected Publications

  • Lee, Jisun & Yoon, S.-Y. (2024). Moderating effects of individual traits on the association between nature and patient wait experiences, Health Environments Research & Design Journal.
  • Lee, Jisun & Yoon, S.-Y. (2023). Nature and patient waiting: Mediating effects of anxiety and perceived wait time on the association between nature and service perception, Journal of Environmental Psychology. 91, 102113.
  • Lee, Jisun, Miri, M., & Newberry, M. (2023). Immersive virtual reality, tool for accessible design: Perceived usability in an interior design studio setting. Journal of Interior Design, 48(4), 242-258.
  • Lee, Jisun, Lee, H., & Shepley, M. M. (2020). Exploring the spatial arrangement of patient rooms for minimum nurse travel in hospital nursing units in Korea, Frontiers of Architectural Research, 9(4), 711-725.
  • Lee, Jisun & Lee, H. (2020). Employing visibility and agent-based accessibility analysis to enhance social interactions in older adult care facilities, Architectural Science Review. 63(3-4), pp.292-302.