John Wurm

John Wurm

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4-H Program Coordinator
Roscommon County Extension Office



John Wurm is a MSU Extension 4-H Program Coordinator and has served in this role since March of 2018 in Roscommon County.

As a 4-H member, John was quickly drawn to the many leadership opportunities. He had a great appreciation for 4-H camps and worked his way from the role of camper to that of camp director. He served as an active local teen 4-H Council member and also traveled all over the country through 4-H interstate exchange programs. John attended Northwestern Michigan College and then earned his education degree while at Western Michigan University. He then reached the pinnacle of his 4-H youth involvement through the IFYE exchange program to Australia for eight months where he stayed with 28 host families. 

Returning from Australia, he became a 4-H Youth Agent in 1986 and served in that role for just over 13 years. He and his wife, Christine, moved their family, along with their five children to Kansas in 2000. John became a teacher in the 8th grade, then 5th and finally settled on his favorite, 3rd grade. The family would typically spend their summers up in Michigan on the Wurm family farm near Traverse City.

With their family raised, the urge to move back to beautiful Michigan became stronger, so John became the 4-H Program Coordinator for Roscommon County in 2018 and has this role on a part-time basis. John’s other roles include doing the background checks for all new incoming 4-H volunteers across Michigan. In addition, John has responsibilities that support: Michigan international programs, MSU Extension Statewide Council & 4-H Exploration Days.

John has found particular joy in serving as the conduit for MSU Extension programs and helping to create meaningful experiences for local youth.