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Laryssa Green

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MSU Extension Graphic Designer
MSU Extension


Laryssa creates and designs printed and online layouts for educational bulletins, annual reports, curriculum publications, books, posters, branded templates, ads and display banners, complying with MSU brand standards. She provides art for social media, infographics and graphic identifiers. She also converts materials to accessible files according to federal and MSU requirements.

Laryssa works to showcase your content while making designs that are current, inclusive and eye appealing while also accessible. Accessibility does not mean materials must be boring. Design can help material be more user friendly and help to more clearly communicate the content. 

Italian designer Massimo Vignelli said, “Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” Let us help you develop the language of design by bringing our expertise in color, fonts, MSU Branding, illustration and layout to your materials. Together we can work to create well-designed educational materials that better fit the needs of our communities.