Lyndon Kelley

Lyndon Kelley

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Water Management and Irrigation Educator
St. Joseph County Extension Office




Lyndon Kelley is currently serving under a joint agreement with Purdue Extension to provide leadership and education to irrigated crop producers of Michigan and Indiana.  In the past he served as the Southwest Regional Ground Water Protection Educator.  A major responsibility of the Ground Water Protection position has been the development of environmental protection assessment tools and the training of employees for the Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program (MGSP).  His irrigation related activities within MGSP included leading the development of the irrigation and water use sections of the Farm*A*Syst , Crop*A*Syst and  Greenhouse*A*Syst assessment  tools, which are the foundation of the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program.  For the twelve years prior to serving as the Ground Water Protection Educator he was the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for Joseph County.  As one of the most heavily irrigated counties east of the  Mississippi, it developed his interest and abilities in irrigation related extension work. Experience gained here has developed his skills and abilities in dealing with technical, social/political and economic issues of irrigation related agriculture. During this time he also developed a working understanding of management and production seed corn and several other irrigated specialty / vegetable crops.  Lyndon earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Michigan State University.