Mao-Ning Tuanmu

Mao-Ning Tuanmu

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Executive Director/ Assistant Research Fellow, BRCAS Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability

Research Interests
Soundscape ecology
Remote sensing of environment
Biodiversity informatics

Research Projects

  1. Spatiotemporal dynamics of biodiversity
    In the face of rapid environmental changes, understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of biodiversity and the underlying processes is key for effective conservation. By integrating remote sensing, acoustic monitoring and biodiversity informatics, my research team investigates the spatiotemporal dynamics of taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity across scales and examines the underlying biotic and abiotic processes.
  2. Acoustic diversity under environmental changes
    Spatiotemporal patterns of sounds in the environment reflect the dynamics of sound sources and their interactions with natural and anthropogenic processes. To understand the acoustic dynamics under environmental changes and develop acoustic monitoring, my team is developing machine learning-based tools to extract and quantify biodiversity-relevant information from recordings of environmental sounds and examining the effects of environmental dynamics on bioacoustic diversity.Conservation applications of open biodiversity data
  3. Obtaining biodiversity information across scales, taxa and disciplines through data opening, mobilization and reusing is key for filling biodiversity knowledge gaps. With the applications of biodiversity informatics, my team is gathering, integrating and analyzing biodiversity and environmental open data to provide essential information for biodiversity conservation.

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