Rachel Ochylski

Rachel Ochylski

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4-H Urban Program Coordinator
Ingham County Extension Office - Mason

(517) 676-7300


Rachel Ochylski is a Michigan State University Extension 4-H program coordinator located in Ingham County. 

"A primary objective of 4-H programming is to help prepare youth to thrive in the real world by giving them the opportunity to develop life skills. Through programs that focus on environmental education, health, art, and mindfulness I have helped youth find their "spark" through experimental, hands-on learning. " ~ Rachel

Rachel's 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) programs include: Planning Your Future, MI Wild Explorers, Trail Cameras, Planting the Seeds for Healthy Habits, Junk Drawer Robotics, International Art Exchange, Fishing, Gardening, Photography, Cooking and more!