René C. Hinojosa

René Hinojosa

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Professor - Emeritus, Urban & Regional Planning
School of Planning, Design and Construction


PhD: PhD from the University of Washington.

Dr. René C. Hinojosa is Professor Emeritus in the Urban and Regional Planning Program, adjunct professor of the Department of Geography, and Research Director of the Institute for Global Health. He was former Chair of the Department of Geography, former Acting Director of the Julian Samora Research Institute, visiting professor at the Science University in Tokyo, Japan, Fulbright Scholar at the National University, Colombia, and recently at the Private University of Bolivia.

Previously he worked as a civil engineer and as a consultant to international development agencies in the area of regional development.  He has authored many articles and technical reports dealing with research methods and techniques for urban and regional analysis.  He has taught quantitative research methods, transportation planning, regional economic analysis, housing, and urbanization in developing countries.  He has organized several education abroad courses including programs in Japan, Mexico, Italy, Cuba, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and served in numerous university, college, and departmental committees. 

Dr. Hinojosa holds a Master’s degree in civil engineering and a PhD degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Washington, Seattle.  Since 2014 he has been involved in education abroad courses offered by the MSU Institute for Global Health, and recently named as Research Director for the Institute. With medical students, he directs an anthropometric project to assess the health and nutritional status of children living in underserved communities in Latin America.