Tasia Kendrick

Tasia Kendrick

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Associate Professor
Department of Animal Science



BS, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (USA)
MS, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri (USA)
PhD, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri (USA)
Postdoctoral Research, USDA/ARS National Animal Disease Center, Ames, Iowa (USA)


Laboratory: Lab 3315 Anthony Hall

My research program includes both education and genetics specific research. My education research interests include student knowledge transfer (what concepts students retain from year to year and/or what techniques can be used to better transfer) and overall curriculum development/alignment. I am a trained geneticist and focus on genetic variations and small-noncoding RNAs associated with disease in production animals. 


ANS 314 – Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals

ANS 210 (new course coming Fall 2019)


Education Research

2018-2019    Online Instructional Resources for Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals (ANS 314). (MSU Microgrant)

Genetics Research

2018-2020    Removal of the Most Highly Infectious Dairy Cattle to Control Transmission of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Michigan Dairy Herds. (M-AAA Award)