Yan "Rocky" Yan


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Past visiting scholar
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability

Associate professor at the State Key Lab of Regional and Urban Ecology, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences in the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ph.D., Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
MA, Environmental engineering, Wuhan University, China
BA, Resource and Environment Management, China University of Geosciences

Yan, visiting from Beijing, is an associate professor at the State Key Lab of Regional and Urban Ecology, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yan's research interests mainly focus on the study of assessment and management of social-economic-natural complex ecosystem on the regional scale, which mainly includes three detailed aspects: (1) impacts of regional social-economic development and human activities on natural resources, environment and ecosystem; (2) assessment and management of regional ecosystem service and sustainability; (3) environmental economics instruments to introduce the principle of ecosystem services into regional development policy decision and making.

Currently, he is working on the supply and demand analysis and assessment of regional ecosystem service, the mechanism and policy of Payment for Environmental Services in China’s Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Diversion, the management and policy of sewage treatment and control in China’s rural area and small town, assessment of carbon footprint and water footprint of textiles respectively supported by the research foundation of State key laboratory, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Major Program on Water Pollution Control and Management, and Special Funds for Public Interest Research of China.