Groundwater & Surface Water Protection

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Sample Zoning Amendments and Programs for Groundwater Protection

Groundwater is often the source of one’s drinking water.  It is much less expensive to avoid groundwater contamination than to clean it up.  Local government is situated to be the most effective level of government to do so.  This pamphlet introduces one sample that might be the zoning part of a community’s groundwater protection program, and wellhead protection program. This has been updated to reflect P.A. 110 of 2006, as amended.

Sample Zoning Amendments and Program for Groundwater Protection

Greenbelts: A Circle of Protection for Inland Lakes

This report reviews basic standards for establishing and maintaining greenbelts, explains how greenbelts work to protect water quality, and recommended ground covers, shrubs, and trees are best in a greenbelt.

Greenbelts: A Circle of Protection for Inland Lakes