Locations and Facilities


MSU On Campus Facilities


Plant Molecular Science Building

Plant Molecular Science Building
Plant, Soil and Microbial Science Department
East Lansing, MI 48824


Tissue Culture Lab 1

Tissue Culture Lab 2

Tissue Culture Laboratory:
Located in the Molecular Plant Science Building. Tissue culture specialists maintain and propagate nearly 2000 different potato varieties.


 Autoclave and Chemical Room 1

Autoclave and Chemical Room 2

Autoclave and Chemical Room:
Located in the Molecular Plant Science Building.


Molecular Analysis Facility

Molecular Analysis Facility:
Located Molecular Plant Science Building. Research Scientists prepare constructs for potato transformations and perform DNA, RNA and Protein analyses on transgenic plants. PCR, Genotpying and genetic mapping are performed in this laboratory.


MSU Potato BG Greenhouse Facility 2

MSU Potato BG Greenhouse Facility banner 1MSU Potato BG Greenhouse Facility banner 2

MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics Greenhouse Facility:
In our greenhouse facility scientists conduct breeding experiments,start tissue plantlets for field studies and maintain plant lines for genetic, protein and entomological analyses on leaf and tuber tissue.


Crop and Soil Science Research Farm

Storage Barn Banner 1
Storage Barn Banner 2

MSU Plant, Soil and Microbial Science Department Storage Barn Facility:
Located on the south side of campus is our storage facility. Chipping, bruising, disease and gravity testing is all done in this facility. Several incubators are used for cold tuber storage.

MSU Potato Field Locations:


Montcalm Research Center 1

Montcalm Research Center 2

Montcalm Research Center 3

Montcalm Research Center:
The Montcalm Research Facility is located about 75 miles northwest of campus. A significant amount of our potato agronomic trials are done here. Each year the Potato Program hosts a Potato Variety Field day for area growers to learn about the latest varieties.


Lake City Research Facility 1

Lake City Research Facility 2

Lake City Research Facility 3


Lake City Research Facility:
The Lake City Research Facility is located about 150 miles northwest of campus. This field contains some variety trials and is used to increase potato production in promising varieties.


MSU Scab Research Field 1
MSU Scab Research Field 2

MSU Scab Research Field:
The Scab Research Field is located just south of the main campus. Some varieties of potatoes are susceptible to a bacterial disease commonly refered to as Scab. Research trials are conducted here to find resistant varieties.


Clarksville Research Center


Late Blight Research Field (MSU Campus):
Our on-campus research field is a valuable site for inoculated late blight field trials because of its isolation from potato-growing areas.