MSU Certified Seed Mini-tuber production Nutrient Film Technology (NFT)


Michigan State University Potato Breeding and Genetics

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Certified Seed Production at MSU

  • MSU Breeding Program has an extensive tissue culture program (almost 2000 clones) and produces all seed for all research trials
    • Michigan has no State Potato Seed program
  • MSU Tissue Culture Lab and Greenhouse is inspected and certified and meets all commercial industry standards and certification requirements
    • Michigan Seed Potato Association
    • Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • MSU Certified Seed Minitubers
    • Accelerates commercial assessment of new varieties and elite breeding lines
    • Can be grown by commercial seed producers
  •  We are available for contract production of small amounts of minitubers
    • 1,000 to 5,000 minitubers

  Please contact Joseph Coombs for further information


Nutrient Film Technology (NFT)

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  • Nutrient film technology (NFT) is a hydroponic technique with a solid substrate
  • Plants grow without soil using nutrient irrigation water


Certified Seed Production at MSU


  • Certified seed minitubers provided with North American Certified Seed Potato Health Certificate (NACSPHC)
  • Third-party testing for confirmation to be free of 15 potato pathogens and viruses
  • International shipping by meeting Import Permit requirements
  • USDA APHIS Phytosanitary Certificates