Chipping Varieties

Beacon Chipper

 is a high yielding, round white potato with an attractive round appearance and shallow eyes. It is tolerant to pressure bruise and mid-season heat stress.

Hodag (W5955-1)

is a long storage chipper with Common Scab resistance. Released by the University of Wisconsin potato breeding program in 2016, this variety tends to produce larger tubers and can be susceptible to hollow heart.

Huron Chipper (MSW485-2)

is a high yielding process potato with mid-season maturity. It has excellent chip quality both out of the field and after storage. This variety is resistant to late blight and tolerant to common scab.

Lamoka (NY139)

is a Cornell variety that exhibits late season maturity, strong resistance to common scab, and resistance to golden nematode Ro1.

Mackinaw (MSX540-4)

is resistant to PVY, late blight, and is tolerant to common scab. It has an average yield, high percentage of A-size tubers, and a high specific gravity. Mackinaw maintains chip-processing quality in storage.

Manistee (MSL292-A)

has round tubers with shallow eyes and an above average yield. This variety has long term storage potential and a specific gravity similar to Snowden.

Niagara (NY152)

has a high yield potential, high tuber set, and can be managed to produce tubers with a smaller size profile. It is tolerant to common scab with a low incidence of internal tuber defects. This variety maintains chip quality at 48°F in Michigan.

  • Lamoka NY139

    Lamoka is a Cornell variety that exhibits late season maturity, good resistance to common scab, and resesistance to golden nematode race Ro1. Please see the fact sheet for more details.

  • Beacon Chipper

    This Michigan State variety is high yielding with some tolerance to common scab. SG: 1.077-1.083, Maturity: mid-season, Dormancy: medium (comparable to Atlantic). Please see the fact sheet for more details.