Module 14: Integrating Mixed Methods in Research


It is increasingly recognized that policy research requires going beyond use of a single research method. In addition to use of surveys, administrative data and qualitative methods, geographic information systems (GIS) and Big Data methods offer opportunities to address complex research questions. But too often, methods are used in parallel, with little integration, limiting the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall research.

This training by Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Elizabeth Bryan of IFPRI will present a tool for integrating mixed methods in the planning and execution of research studies. The live Zoom session on February 17, 2021 will include plenary presentations and breakout sessions for participants to practice the tool.  Examples used in the webinar will relate to gender research, but the approach has broad applicability across various research questions. 

Overall Webinar Objective

Strengthen capacity for integrated use of multiple research methods, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of policy research. 

Specific Objectives

  • Discuss the applicability of a variety of research methods to address research questions relevant to PRCI
  • Present a tool and overall approach for integrating different research methods and data sources in research
  • Identify areas of familiarity and priorities for further training on various research methods


Ruth Meinzen-Dick (IFPRI), Elizabeth Bryan (IFPRI)

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