Module 02: Stata Basics - Working with Complex Survey Data and Descriptive Statistics


This optional, asynchronous, self-paced self-tutorial covers the basics of working with complex survey data in Stata (e.g., aggregating and merging data files, and creating and labeling new variables) and how to create tables and graphs as well as do basic descriptive statistics in the program. 


This self-tutorial is intended as an introduction or refresher for researchers that will be using Stata in their research projects. The self-tutorial aims to familiarize users with:

  • Working with complex survey data in Stata
  • How to create basic tables, graphs, and descriptive statistics in Stata

The overall goal is for researchers to then apply these tools (as appropriate) in their research projects.


Margaret Beaver

To access the training materials click on the "Begin Module" link below, you will then be asked to complete a short (one-minute) survey before the materials can be downloaded. The purpose of this survey is to allow PRCI to know the numbers and types of people using the materials.  No private information of any kind will be shared outside of PRCI leadership.