Module 30: Designing and Implementing Agri-food Value Chain Surveys


In this module, you will learn how to design and implement value chain surveys from conception to execution. Dr. Ben Belton also reviews how to analyze different segments of a value chain, how to design your sample and survey, and provides some tips for data analysis. This module contains a video recording of the training session and PDF version of the presented slides. The training took place on September 21, 2022.


  • Learn about the importance of value chain surveys
  • Understand how to examine different segments of a value chain
  • Review the steps for designing and implementing a value chain survey
  • View examples of value chain surveys


Ben Belton (MSU), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Véronique Thériault (MSU), Hanna Carlson (MSU), Yeyoung Lee (MSU) 


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