Module 31: All You Need to Know to Get Started with Stata: From Basics to Data Management – Part I


This training module offers an introduction to Stata basics. Access to a computer with a pre-installed version of STATA software is recommended. This module contains a video recording of the training session, slides, datasets for exercises, and a do-file. The training took place on October 13, 2022. 

The training session includes introductions on how to:   

  • Use Stata windows and drop-down menus  
  • Load and save data files 
  • Create and use a do-file 
  • Import data from Excel to Stata  
  • Explore data using basic commands and a do-file


Timothy Njagi (Tegemeo Institute), John Olwande (Tegemeo Institute), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Véronique Thériault (MSU)), Yeyoung Lee (MSU) 


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