Module 36: Introduction to Desktop GIS with QGIS


This training module is part I of the "Introduction to Desktop GIS with QGIS". This module contains a video recording of the training session and PDF instructions. The training took place on June 13, 2023. Before watching the training video in this module, we encourage you to complete the training preparation steps in the PDF document.

This training session was supported by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy, Research, Capacity, and Influence (PRCI) as well as the capacity-sharing component of the CGIAR Research Initiative on Digital Innovation.

The topics covered in this training session include

  • The QGIS interface
  • GIS data types: Vector and Raster
  • Find data and import it into QGIS
  • Working with data: Buffer analysis and Spatial analysis
  • Composing a map


Jawoo Koo (IFPRI), Veronique Theriault (MSU), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Yeyoung Lee (MSU)

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